As a front-end developer responsible for UI decisions, post screenshots and before/after of your work if possible as well, alongside explanations of your thought process. These portfolio websites will provide you with a clear idea of how to create a front end developer personal website. You can also refer to some front end developer portfolios on GitHub before creating your portfolio. Check out the Front End Web Development Courses online to enhance your front end development skills and master cutting-edge tools to build rich, interactive websites.

To make this method more beginner-friendly, try recreating a simple page or feature such as a login form or weather app. A common challenge for junior developers is cloning the Google homepage. A designer turned developer would, of course, design a gorgeous website, and Annie has done exactly that.

Coding Projects You Should Include in Your Front End Portfolio

One of the highlights is the project section, where each work is displayed in the form of playing cards with animation effects. It’s an interesting how to become a front end developer way of guiding visitors through his web design career. His portfolio uses a vibrant and lively color palette to make it stand out.

front end developer portfolios

But there was one thing left to do in order to complete my program — build a portfolio. At that time, I was fighting burnout and a substantial inclination to binge-watch every show I had put on pause for five months. Now, five years later, I could not be more grateful that I took the time to build a portfolio to showcase my projects and my new skills. The unfortunate truth is that your portfolio might be one of dozens in an application pile, giving a reviewer only minutes or even seconds to glean important information.

What should be in a Front-End Developer portfolio?

Creating your own website is the first step in building a proficient portfolio. A great example of a search-friendly domain name will include your first and last names. When you decide on the domain, connect it to a reliable hosting provider that offers security, customer support, and scalability. Send your CV to get the perfect match with a remote frontend developer job at EPAM Anywhere.

front end developer portfolios

In the project details section, he adds interactive and colorful buttons to encourage visitors to learn more. Fifth on our list of web developer portfolio examples is Cory’s website. The simple yet eye-catchy design and brilliant choice of words employed for this portfolio make it an excellent example to draw inspiration when creating your portfolio. I’m a front end developer, and I learned to code through a bootcamp. After spending six days a week, twelve or more hours a day, for five months learning front end development, UI design, and UX design, I was ready to graduate and start working.

What Should Be On a Web Developer Portfolio?

It is also less distracting, including only a few animations and colors to catch visitors’ attention. Gift has also included a resource section on her portfolio where visitors can stay up-to-date with her as a content creator. The portfolio also allows visitors to switch between light and dark themes. Preact, a lightweight alternative to React, has gained traction for its small size and fast performance.

From the live demo, you’ll see that the skills section contains relevant skills such as HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and so on. I was able to get the icons of those languages as SVGs from Icons8. There is also a readme file containing all the tools I used in the project, with their respective links.

His portfolio clearly explains his comfort level with a range of front-end languages. This would help employees know how great a fit they can be for different projects. Further, he also presented his projects lucratively that clearly show his vision and understanding of the field. Though this goes in the obvious category, some front-end developers still miss this because they shift their focus to adding “projects delivered” sections. Your portfolio will stand out to clients and companies that are looking for particular services if you list your specializations.

front end developer portfolios

With a simple and easy-to-use menu bar, his portfolio explains his credentials and work without going into excessive detail. Adenekan is an experienced JavaScript engineer and UX designer with impressive front-end coding skills. The subtle glitch effect on his homepage directs the visitors’ attention to his name at the center. If you’re a web developer with lots of projects to showcase, Eric’s personal portfolio can be a good source of inspiration.

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