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asks unknown urban area dwellers to capture per week within their sex resides — with comical, tragic, frequently hot, and always revealing results. Recently, a newly unmarried girl lusting for lesbians and contacting dudes “Daddy”: solitary, bisexual, Williamsburg, 26 yrs old.

time ONE

7 a.m.:

I awaken and push me to choose a simple run. I had previously been a large work out person, but my personal schedule provides fallen to shit.

8 a.m.:

I am anticipating a stressful day. We just work at an ad agency, and now we usually have deadlines.

10 a.m.:

Madness as usual.


I go downstairs to grab a salad and intend I could get away with puffing a cigarette midday without my work colleagues judging me. 8 weeks back, we finished a three-and-a-half-year connection that right succeeded a four-year relationship. I have found it very difficult to manage my thoughts with no service from those ex-boyfriends. These were both incredible, but i am a tremendously sexual individual. Using my latest ex, we felt acutely repressed and like I experienced a whole lot I needed to get out of my personal program. I am astonished to discover there’s above I was anticipating.

2 p.m.:

I begin texting a barista We fucked recently. He operates at certainly one of my personal favorite regional coffee shops, this unique Israeli location. We work from home some days, and one day I worked from their store in which he slipped me personally his wide variety. He’s type of whatever, but convenient community cock and free cold brew is a powerful combo.

3 p.m.:

Barista and that I sext through the entire workday. I get very wet inside my desk. We have too much to do and Iwill want to operate later this evening, but I would like to get a little sex in. We receive him over against my personal most readily useful view.

8 p.m.:

Barista shows up within my home, with scones leftover from their work. Aw.

8:01 p.m.:

He picks me personally up and stocks me into bed immediately. We both know what we are right here for.

8:15 p.m.:

I’m to my duration (he was cautioned), thus I lead him into the bath pretty rapidly. The guy fucks me personally solid from behind with my face beneath the operating liquid. I reach my personal clitoris the entire time. Since my roommate’s out-of-town recently, I scream some fairly vile circumstances. He’s sorts of grunty, which I come across gross, but no less than i am aware he’s loving it. I-come really hard. I like very crude gender, one of several something new there is on about my self, plus one I really did not check out a lot using my ex-boyfriends. It’s kind of hot to see all the bloodstream regarding condom afterward.

9 p.m.:

Barista is fully gone, and my personal gorgeous lesbian friend is within the community. We have fused over our very own passion for negronis in the past. She implies we have one. Without a doubt We accept.

11 p.m.:

One negroni, two negroni, three negroni, four …


Breathtaking pal has purchased some coke for an event she is going to the next day. The dealership shows up at club, as well as we wish to try the products. We would two bumps from inside the restroom. About its practically the weekend.

1 a.m.:

She walks myself house, and now we kiss back at my doorstep.

DAY a couple

10 a.m.:

Merely three folks have been in the office: the latest, most junior hires. Two of all of us tend to be hungover (me, plus a computer nerd). The 3rd is actually an expat who was simply dumped late last night. We are a collective mess.

11 a.m.:

We have now currently chosen we are heading out tonight to cheer-up the dumped man.

4:30 p.m.:

Your day is sluggish and uneventful, so we drop on early. We start at one club for beers, which we each purchase three of and take in fast.

7 p.m.:

Beers turn to sake and tiny plates at a Japanese cafe. We rapidly down two containers, because I believe we should instead take to the obvious together with cloudy sort. I have a tendency to extract other folks onto my personal debaucherous train skillfully — a blessing and a curse.

7:30 p.m.:

I’m maintaining pace with two guys. I’m an inkling of stress at exactly how intoxicated i will be, but rapidly overlook it. I have been drinking extreme since my break up. My personal threshold is high.

9 p.m.:

We crank up at a karaoke bar.

10 p.m.:

Really, we overestimated my personal capacity to keep up with two dudes. I am browning out and getting my personal co-worker’s thigh (the geek, maybe not the dumped guy), buying far too many rounds to the private room, eating him right whiskey. He is a pasty small technology guy, and I’m way out of their category. Blackout me knows no sexual borders.

11 p.m.:

The nerd colleague and that I leave the bar, somehow having missing our other co-worker, and out of the blue we’re creating in the road. He is planning to Uber themselves home. I simply take his telephone and place my target into his application instead. Huge mistake.

11:30 p.m.:

Next thing i am aware, i am between the sheets with him, over the top, speaing frankly about my personal pussy while he tells me exactly how hot and perfect i’m and licks my breasts. The sex is really blah. I am clearly blowing their head.


I’m filthy in a terrible method. I pop a Xanax and provide one to the co-worker — once again, a bad pro appearance. I’m experiencing legitimately nervous even yet in my personal drunken state.

time THREE

8 a.m.:

Waking up next to the colleague is certainly not rather. He is really passionate toward me and keeps kissing my tattoos while I don’t have a look at him naked. Really don’t bear in mind a great deal from last night and don’t want that artistic.

9 a.m.:

You will find brunch plans. He eventually gets the hint and leaves.

11 a.m.:

I fulfill my personal the majority of Manic Pixie desired Girl friend for brunch, in which we news about our intimate misadventures. She’s somebody I came across recently, just who I happened to be trying to hook up with at first.

11:30 a.m.:

I absolutely ponder if Pixie knows I found myself attempting to make one thing take place as soon as we first started chilling out. She actually is merely too right for my situation. We’ve got an excellent brunch and component means.

3 p.m.:

We spend afternoon enjoying

The O.C.

and getting ready for a date. Very first, I should clarify my current financial situation. Recently I made a significant profession move from a rather different sector, and now my personal work will not pay good enough to aid my lifestyle. I act as economical and spend less, but my lease and resources depend on the pay We once had, which was decrease by about a 3rd. Challenging in Ny.

That, along with becoming sexually adventurous and a few genuine father dilemmas and … recently i enrolled in Seeking Arrangement, a sugar-daddy application.

Now We have a second time with all the very first man i have satisfied through the software. I’m very excited; our very own basic date ended up being fantastic. He is within his later part of the 30s with a really impressive-sounding task at an important tech organization. Totally nerdy, but i am into that. He has also a puppy and a fantastic apartment with an Eames chair — major dreams for my situation. Arrived at contemplate it, I entirely hope Daddy allows us to do so in the Eames chair.

7 p.m.:

The guy Ubers me personally up to his apartment. We figure we will fuck instantaneously. As an alternative, we hang out in his yard playing fetch using puppy. Ultimately, we begin kissing, and then he suggests we do the dog for a walk.

7:30 p.m.:

I’m still feeling out precisely why this relatively regular dude is found on an app for sugar daddies. My personal presumption is he has got a little-girl fetish. When we do the dog out, we insist on keeping the leash and set to my greatest little-ingénue act. He seems to want it.

8 p.m.:

He requires me for supper at a comfortable little beverage place. Nevertheless to my little-girl kick, we order a grilled-cheese sandwich and barely eat it out of nervousness. I down numerous Manhattans, but and then he comments on how I “knock them straight back.” People hold leaving comments to my heavy-drinking. It concerns myself, but i’m like I need for — I’ve experienced some crap with my break up.

10 p.m.:

He takes myself back into his destination so we smoke cigarettes some grass.

10:15 p.m.:

The guy draws a hoodie from his closet and puts it on myself. I do believe there is something on the little-girl thing.

10:45 p.m.:

I enjoy as soon as when you are connecting with a new guy and you also think their erection through their jeans and lastly get a sense of how large its. He is quite large. I am really into it.

11:15 p.m.:

He’s sluggish and enthusiastic — this can be love-making, perhaps not drilling. It’s not the things I expected from a dude who’s having to pay me, but I do not mind. I’m large and my personal physique feels all tingly. I have on top and ride him until i-come right after which, truthfully, I’m a little bored.


We’re cuddling, and he does not want us to keep. Ultimately, i actually do. The guy hands me personally $300 money, a “gift” (which will be how it generally operates), phone calls me personally another Uber, and informs me to “get home secure, Princess.” The guy walks me around making use of dog and I kiss them both good-bye. I enjoy this guy. I can’t believe he passed me personally a wad of money for starters of the finest times I’ve got in a bit.

time FOUR

11 a.m.:

I spend the day reading

Bad Feminist

in McCarren Park and chatting with two girlfriends. I let them know every little thing i have been as much as intimately, and so they let me know the exact same. Somehow, every one of my feminine friends are single. It has been fun to bond around enjoyable parts plus the terrible components. I feel an amazing nearness with all of ones, therefore warms my center to think about simply how much we now have one another’s backs. Mushy, but genuine.

7 p.m.:

It is the Sunday of Labor time weekend. Though i am a little inclined in which to stay, I am not planning to waste another possible opportunity to just go and make some errors.

Pixie from yesterday arrives over, and in addition we drink some rosé. My personal yoga-instructor buddy has just become home through the Rockaways, and encourages united states to a nearby bar, where she actually is meeting a Tinder dude. We purchase elegant cocktails, one round and another.

9 p.m.:

I go to the bathroom and watch a hot lesbian few creating in line. I am actually attempting to hook-up with girls lately, but for some reason I always get dudes. I’m really turned-on from this couple and try not to stare too much.


We head to another bar — a notorious Williamsburg collection area. Sure-enough, within minutes I notice some one call my title. I don’t accept the man. Looks like he is a kid from my personal extremely Waspy high school who has developed, received taller and much cuter, and reimagined himself as a fundamental hipster man. Individuals similar to this generate myself hate my neighborhood, but he’s hot and touchy and that I’m drunk once more. We permit him buy myself a glass or two, then grab my personal thigh under the table.

3 a.m.:

The club is shutting.

3:15 a.m.:

We are plainly going home together. The stroll to my personal spot is truly comfortable and not awkward whatsoever. I’ve a great sensation relating to this man. How he is coming on to me is extremely straightforward and aggressive. I enjoy that.

3:30 a.m.

: we become residence in which he’s very harsh with me — my personal favorite. He fingers me difficult and rubs my clitoris and I also moan and ham it, though I’m also drunk to really feel anything. He are unable to have it up and doesn’t provide going down on me personally (c’mon, dude). We finish only falling asleep cuddling.

4 a.m.:

I do not generally like individuals asleep over, but this is certainly particular great. Although we never talked in highschool, he feels type of common.

time FIVE

7 a.m.

: I wake up close to high-school hipster. We are talking and creating small-talk. The guy begins pressing my personal nipples, after that massaging my clit. He is thus dominating and manipulative. It will get myself wet right away.

7: 30 a.m.:

He draws themselves on top of me and rubs their penis against my personal clit. I’m not that involved with it and he can inform, so we start banging. Amazing, but he is method of jackhammering and I also’m as well sluggish to do any such thing my self. The guy completes, then gets his stuff while we grab him water. As I’m taking walks him around, he requests my personal wide variety. I mightn’t end up being opposed to doing this once again.

8 a.m.:

Personally I think also wired to sleep. We grab a Xanax and pass out for a few more hours. I am hoping to reduce this pattern down some, but i love the self-medicating.

1 p.m.:

We awaken once more and set off to have a bagel and call my personal best friend, just who stays in L.A. she is also recently on Seeking plan. To date, she’s already been having a lot more success than myself. Her timetable is far more versatile than mine, and it also enables fulfilling up with filthy old men a lot more. I envy that. The father dream is quite actual personally — embarrassingly so, since I do not have a relationship with my actual grandfather — and I also’m eager to hold meeting brand-new dudes from software. The age difference is actually hot, as is the notion of some body hoping me adequate to shell out the dough.

2 p.m.

: We talk for quite some time, right after which we head the home of devour my bagel and continue enjoying

The O.C.

about couch.

6 p.m.:

I am experiencing calm, happy, and idle. I end blowing down a Tinder time. I would instead simply stay static in and take care of myself and content my ladies. I am also extremely aching from the previous four times — i can not remember having another penis in me. We figure I owe myself personally one or more evening off.

time SIX

9 a.m.:

Following week-end I got, I cannot actually fathom the thought of guys, females, sex — such a thing.

10 a.m.:

Tasks are awkward following co-worker mishap. I successfully prevent eye contact a good many day.

7 p.m.:

I-come house and settle in with shipment Chinese as well as season certainly one of

The Girl Knowledge

, which a buddy suggested according to my personal recent lifestyle … decisions.

time SEVEN

10 a.m.:

Lengthy vacations are superb because it’s already Wednesday. Having said that, i’m prepared overlook my weekend bad-girl home and feel eligible for night out.

3 p.m.:

I text a flirty midday selfie to a new man from my favorite software (you know the any). He’s a very kinky login name that practically has actually myself stressed.

6 p.m.:

He’s actually rather sweet, though perhaps a little socially shameful. Before we complete our basic game of products, we’re playing in to the “sugar daddy, sugar infant” motif. I also call him Daddy a couple of times. I’ve never called anybody Daddy before. I do not even contact my personal actual daddy that (ick).

I do believe the appeal of this whole thing is the openness it requires. It is interesting to possess an ideal complete stranger be totally up-front along with you about their sexual desires. This might never ever occur on Tinder. After merely two dudes, i am kept with little to no fascination with a lot more mainstream online dating sites.

10 p.m.:

We decide against going home with Daddy. Better to get involved in it cool and consider my personal emotions. This can be new region, and I also have to head to operate tomorrow.

10:15 p.m.:

Now We have an economic offer on the table, and it is much better than i might have required. Informing him i am heading house is a difficult offer, but the guy Ubers myself like a proper guy. We text him once I’m house safe.

11:30 p.m.:

During sex. Not bad at all.

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