The Support and Resistance

Resistance levels can be found on short-term or long-term charts, with long-term resistance levels carrying more weight for the overall direction of the next move in the security. Resistance levels are identified by technical analysis or visual inspection, using such tools as trendlines, horizontal lines, moving averages, and Bollinger Bands. Yes, support and resistance levels […]

How to Trade Based on Support and Resistance Levels

This tool is used by technical traders to forecast potential areas of support or resistance. Extensions consist of all Fibonacci retracement levels that exceed the standard 100% level. Fibonacci extensions predict that a move will advance until it reaches the 161.8% or 261.8% Fibonacci resistance levels and then reverse its direction. It could be that […]

When To Use And How To Read The MACD Indicator

On the other hand, falling negative MACD values suggest that the downtrend is getting stronger, and that it may not be the best time to buy. As the data lags, the security’s price may whipsaw several times before the indicator can establish price trends. This can be especially difficult for investors during a volatile market, when […]

What is MACD indicator, and does it work in Trading?

And a number of false signals would have been averted by following the zero cross method, instead of the crossover method. This means that as the bars on the histogram move further away from zero, the two moving average lines are moving further apart. Once the initial expansion phase is over, a hump shape will […]

How to Perform a Cost Volume Profit CVP Analysis

Compute the breakeven in units sold and sales dollars for Kinsley’s Koncepts. On the vertical axis, the area below the sales line represents fixed costs and above that represents profit. (b) Calculating the relationship between sales volume and revenue by reference to actual or assumed unit prices. Target profit is calculated when an organization needs […]

Cost-Volume-Profit CVP Analysis: What It Is and the Formula for Calculating It

Cost-volume-profit (CVP) analysis is a technique used to determine the effects of changes in an organization’s sales volume on its costs, revenue, and profit. CVP analysis is also used when a company is trying to determine what level of sales is necessary to reach a specific level of income, also called targeted income. Contribution margin […]

California Income Tax Calculator

Visit our Forms and Publications search tool for a list of tax forms, instructions, and publications, and their available formats. We cannot guarantee the accuracy of this translation and shall not be liable for any inaccurate information or changes in the page layout resulting from the translation application tool. This Google™ translation feature, provided on […]

What Is a Target Equity Ratio? The Nest

When looking at a company’s balance sheet, it is important to consider the average D/E ratios for the given industry, as well as those of the company’s closest competitors, and that of the broader market. When using D/E ratio, it is very important to consider the industry in which the company operates. Because different industries […]