This allows more users and increases analytics for users to assess the business’s health. There is workflow automation, data restoration, batch invoices and expenses and on-demand training. This plan also gives you a dedicated account team to help with training, troubleshooting and setup. QuickBooks Online (QBO) is a reliable cloud-based accounting software primarily designed for small businesses.

  1. QuickBooks Premier is a full-fledged, on-premise accounting software designed primarily for medium-sized businesses.
  2. It’s a subscription-based service that is good for various industries and beneficial to those who regularly work with a bookkeeper or accountant because you can give them access to your files.
  3. If you can file taxes confidently on your own, Enhanced Payroll might be suitable.
  4. Alternatively, you can sign up for a free 30-day trial with QuickBooks Online.
  5. If you haven’t already, now’s a great time to make the switch and try QuickBooks Online.

When doing business there can be long and complex invoices that take place. However, to make things easier, Quickbooks Pro 2022 helps you track your invoice history. Tracking your invoice history over a long period of time; be it weeks, months, or years is invaluable in accounts. QuickBooks Pro 2022 allows users to create customer groups that are specific to your client’s or customer’s needs.

Small business owners get more deductions with AI-powered expense tracking and receipt matching. If you invoke the guarantee, QuickBooks will conduct a full n evaluation of the Live Bookkeeper’s work. Work from anywhere with the power of the cloud and real-time, secure collaboration. In terms of affordability, the wide variety of price segments makes it convenient for different types of users at various prices and business models.

What used to be a huge bulk of QuickBooks business is no longer so—it focuses mostly on its cloud version and actively encourages users to make the switch from Desktop to Online. This may signal future abandonment of its Desktop version as more people move to the cloud. If you make the switch from Desktop to Online, you can import your data and access your original company file at any time. It’s an especially good choice for small-business owners without a consistent internet connection and big businesses with complex, industry-specific financial needs. But for most small-business owners in most industries, QuickBooks Online has better automation, better access, and a better price point. Whether you choose QuickBooks Online or a trusted desktop option like QuickBooks Pro, you’re guaranteed access to QuickBooks’ best features.

QuickBooks Online VS Desktop Reviews: Which Do Users Like Better?

QuickBooks Pro comes along with a Receipt Management tool to ensure recording your cash receipts is easy and manageable. This feature allows users a system to share content, and communicate with account experts about any potential doubts or issues in their accounts. The smart help feature can be accessed through a dropdown and allows users to LiveChat or contact experienced account veterans. You can also use QuickBooks’ ProAdvisor network to find certified accountants and bookkeepers. Given QuickBooks Online’s number of users, accountants outside of the network should be familiar with the software.

Unlike QuickBooks Pro and other accounting software, QuickBooks Online allows you to record transactions on the go provided you have the right credentials. Through mobile accounting on QuickBooks online, you can access QuickBooks from your smartphone, tablet, or laptop making it quite convenient for business owners that travel around. Unlike QuickBooks online, QuickBooks Pro is a desktop application that allows enterprises to track their company transactions, expenses, and revenue. QuickBooks Pro requires that you have the software installed on your desktop or laptop and the information for the same is only stored locally. However, for the accurate and detailed financial reports and recording of transitions, QuickBooks Pro a great option.

Customized Payment Receipts

QuickBooks Online has been part of the Intuit accounting software family for a few decades now. Since QuickBooks Online is browser-based, not desktop-based, you can log on to your Quickbooks Online account from any web-enabled device with a sturdy internet connection. When reviewing a product, users are asked to assess the product’s overall quality, which includes assigning specific ratings for ease of use, value for money, customer support, and functionality. So if you’re strictly a Mac user, you’ll be forced to go with QuickBooks Online. QuickBooks Online is also probably the right option if you need to access your accounting system from a lot of different devices like your phone or a home computer. You can upgrade to any version of QuickBooks Desktop as your needs change.

Service or project-based businesses should choose accounting software that can track project costs, revenues, and profits. The software must have tools to track time, record billable hours or expenses, send invoices for progress billings, or monitor project progress and performance. We evaluated QuickBooks Online vs Desktop based on pricing, what is a bank reconciliation ease of use, customer support, and the availability of important features, like banking, project accounting, and inventory management. QuickBooks Online and Desktop share many similarities, including income and expense tracking, bank reconciliation, accounts payable (A/P) and accounts receivable (A/R) management, and reporting.

The Complete Guide To Getting A Free Square Card Reader For Your Business

QuickBooks Online is cheaper than QuickBooks Desktop if you need multiple users. For instance, QuickBooks Online Plus only costs $90 per month ($1,080 per year) for up to five users as opposed to Desktop’s Premier, which costs $1,999 per year for five users. Alternatively, you can hire a QuickBooks ProAdvisor to help with your bookkeeping needs. To help you get started, we prepared a guide on how to find a QuickBooks ProAdvisor. Meanwhile, if you or your accountant want to become a ProAdvisor to demonstrate expertise in QuickBooks, read our article on how to become a QuickBooks ProAdvisor.

To expedite product setup, you can choose to use the default chart of accounts that is included in the application. You also have the option to import products and services into the application to avoid having to re-enter the data. QuickBooks Desktop offers the same support options found in QuickBooks Online including video tutorials, on-demand webinars, and various training options. Both applications also include an easy setup process, so you can be up and running in little time. QuickBooks Online’s solid set of features (invoicing, inventory management, reporting, etc.) makes it a great solution for a variety of small businesses.

Businesses with inventory items should choose accounting software that can track inventory costs, manage cost of goods sold (COGS), and monitor inventory units. When you upgrade to Enterprise, QuickBooks Desktop’s most comprehensive plan, you’ll gain access to advanced inventory features, including barcode scanning and serial number tracking. We are driven by the Fit Small Business mission to provide you with the best answers to your small business questions—allowing you to choose the right accounting solution for your needs. Our meticulous evaluation process makes us a trustworthy source for accounting software insights. We immerse ourselves in every platform we review by exploring the features down to the finest nuances.

When it comes to doing business, invoicing customers can be a daunting task for those without an accounting background. QuickBooks Online allows users to invoice customers in a way that’s both simple and relatively easy to do. When it comes to QuickBooks Online vs QuickBooks Pro, QuickBooks Online can be more accessible. Also, it comes with a pair of choices and is more suited for the new business owner. That said, QuickBooks Pro 2022 is much better for professionals that have been in the industry longer. This software is also better for detailed recording of transactions for financial analysis to ensure capital from investors and banks.

QuickBooks Solopreneur can help both aspiring and current solopreneurs reach these financial goals, wherever they are in their business journey. Cybersecurity, or rather the security of your data, is something that concerns everyone. One of the best ways to protect yourself, personally and professionally, is to make sure that you’re using secure passwords, along with two-factor authentication wherever applicable. Also, you should never reuse passwords across accounts, which is something that, admittedly, can be quite challenging to do. Keeping track of all your passwords because you likely have so many online accounts is not just troublesome, it’s downright impossible. There is just no way to keep tabs on all of that information without writing it down, typing it out, or recording it somewhere.

QuickBooks Online is the browser and application version of the software that comes at a lower price segment. For many that want to do collaborative work, QuickBooks Online is one of the best options. However, making use of a receipt management system makes your job a lot less difficult.

Granted, you don’t have to be an accountant to learn QuickBooks Desktop either, but if you are new to accounting, you will need a lot of time to learn the program. We recommend crunching the numbers to decide whether the online or desktop versions of QuickBooks are right for your specific business. QuickBooks Pro is geared toward small to medium businesses and starts at $41/month for a single user.

Personalized Setup is limited to a 1-hour session with a customer success product expert. Intuit reserves the right to limit the number of sessions and the length and scope of each session. Terms and conditions, features, support, pricing, and service options subject to change without notice. QuickBooks Plus is the most popular plan for businesses since it includes features such as inventory tracking, project management and tax support. Midsized businesses with several customers or clients might benefit from the ability to track profitability with QuickBooks Plus.

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